Apple donates another $ 10 million to fight coronavirus

Apple commonality does not seem to be laurels, and although we have recently announced that the milestone of 20 million masks and respirators delivered have been exceeded, Apple is definitely not ending with charity. On the contrary, the technology giant has promised to deliver several million face shields in the coming weeks and, above all, boasts a 10 million subsidy on the occasion of a special concert One World: Together At Home to support the fight against contagion and motivate fans.

If you have followed the technology scene closely and attentively over the past few weeks, you have certainly not missed the initiatives of a number of companies that have invested a lot of money to support first-line health professionals and fight against coronavirus. Apple, however, still dominates these technological giants, and in addition to the millions of masks and respirators supplied, is also focusing on the production of face shields. However, Samaritanism is far from fading, as Tim Cook boasts a $ 10 million subsidy via a video shared on The Tonight Show Starring. The video featured well-known popular singer Lady Gaga, who said the sum was "fairly large" and promised to attend a concert One World: Together At Home, which, like the then Live Aid in the 80s, to encourage all workers in the first lines to give them support while offering a moral boost.


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According to Gaga, more than $ 35 million has been withdrawn before the concert, which went from the pockets of almost all major technology companies. At the same time, the singer outlined the course of the upcoming show and it seems that it will be a similarly legendary event as in the case of Live Aid. Already on April 18 at 5 pm Pacific time, almost all modern celebrities will perform on stage, starting with Elton John and Billie Eilish ending. Whether you love old school music or prefer popular songs, everyone will find their own and above all it will be a kind of symbolic unification of humanity, which will be broadcast by almost all cable TV and streaming giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. Earnings will then go to the World Health Organization, which will buy the necessary equipment for it.

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