Apple has admitted problems with the endurance of iPhones and Apple Watch after the transition to iOS 14 and watchOS 7

In recent years, it has become an unpleasant tradition that after switching to new versions of Apple's operating systems, many of its users face unpleasant software errors. In addition, they are often so serious that they significantly reduce the usability of the equipment. Although Apple planned to significantly eliminate the error rate of its systems this year with the new style of their development, unfortunately it did not succeed at all. For example, some iPhone owners have reported significantly lower battery life since switching to iOS 14. Apple Watch owners face the same problem with watchOS 7, which, among other things, disables the GPS module and thus does not allow recording of routes in exercise applications. Apple has now decided to publicly acknowledge these issues by trying to help users fix them.

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Pavel Jelič September 17, 2020 79

The newly published support document on Apple's official website offers a very simple but relatively annoying solution to solving the problems with the battery life of the given devices and with the GPS problems at Apple Watch – specifically, restoring the given devices through their settings. In the case of Apple Watch, even a simple pairing and re-pairing with the phone can help, but according to the discussion forums, this recipe seems to help only a very small number of users. As a result, even in this case, there is nothing left but to reset the watch completely through the settings, thus eliminating the problems.

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In general, device recovery is recommended by Apple for a number of problems. In addition to excessive discharging of the device or problems with GPS, this process should solve, for example, errors preventing the launch of health records in Health on the iPhone, and thus loading various data in the Fitness application on both Apple Watch and iPhones. With a bit of exaggeration, you could say that if you have a problem with anything native to your device, the solution may be to restore the device. However, before restoring via Settings – General – Reset – Delete data and settings, it is recommended to create a backup on iCloud to ensure that the device returns to its original state after recovery.

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