Apple has announced the first news of this year

As Apple promised through its boss last night, so it did a moment ago. This is, of course, the announcement of the first big news of the year – at least from his point of view. It was to this step that he decided a moment ago through a press release, thus cutting off speculation that had been circulating around the world about last night's announcement. However, the announcement may disappoint many of you – it revolves "only" around Apple's new projects, which are primarily to help fight racism in the United States.

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Apple will shed light on racist terms in its programming language and documentation

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Pavel Vařenka 7/20/20 7

Apple has been fighting racism for many years, and now it is trying to take its fight to a whole new level. He is to be helped by the support of a number of new projects, led by the financing of entrepreneurs involved in the Black and Brown initiative, or by the support of the Propel Center, a physical and virtual campus created to help and educate minorities. The Apple Developer Academy in Detroit should also see a big revival, which should lend a helping hand to the oppressed group more.

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Apple's leaders said in the press release that we are all responsible for the urgent work of building a fairer world, and the California giant is well aware of this. He has therefore decided to launch new or support existing projects in order to send a clear signal to the world that he is very aware of this long-term commitment and intends to meet them. "We are honored to be able to fulfill our visions and align our words and actions with the values ​​of justice, equality and full inclusion – the values ​​we have always worshiped in Apple," he said at the end of the press release.

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