Apple has officially announced when it will be possible to track bikes, headphones and other non-Apple items through the Find app

When Apple introduced the redesigned Find application to the world in June last year, it cited support for third-party products as one of the main benefits, which in turn made them more usable. He did not reveal exactly when this should have happened then, but a moment ago, through a press release, he revealed details about the date of the imaginary launch of this news.

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Support for third-party products in the Find application is expected to arrive next week, with the first third-party locators that can be paired and therefore searchable in Find will be Belkin Soundform Freedoom True Wireless Earbuds, the Chipolo ONE Spot finder and VanMoof S3 and X3 e-bikes. In the coming weeks and months, the products with the Find support will of course increase in large numbers. The only condition for integration is the fulfillment of certain technical requirements aimed at both trouble-free functionality and safety. Products that are compatible with Find will then be able to label "Compatible with Apple Find" labels – similar labels that Apple uses, for example, to label certified MFi products.

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Apple_iphone12pro_lostmode-screen_040721 Apple_iphone12pro_lostmode-screen_040721

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Apple_iphone12pro_detailcard-screen_040721 Apple_iphone12pro_detailcard-screen_040721

Apple_find-my-network-now-offers-new-third-party-finding-experiences-macbookpro-ipadpro-iphone12pro_040721 Apple_find-my-network-now-offers-new-third-party-finding-experiences-macbookpro-ipadpro-iphone12pro_040721
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The functionality of non-Apple products in Find will be inherently very simple. The main key to success will be their Bluetooth, through which they will connect anonymously to the worldwide Find network, through which users who will have them assigned to their account as their own will be trackable. The operation will therefore be de facto the same as it is for Apple products, although of course it will not be possible to lock non-Apple devices in various ways or mark them as lost. According to the available official screenshots, however, they should go to ring for example – that is, of course, if they have a speaker. However, practice will show how reliably everything will work.

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