Apple has released a new firmware for AirPods Pro, so far it is rather embarrassing

Apple released a new firmware for its AirPods Pro headphones late last night. It is marked 2D15 and, as usual, it is installed automatically on the headphones after they are connected to an iPhone or iPad. Although the California giant makes no comments on the AirPods firmware, it usually focuses on fixing bugs that have plagued the headphones in the past. In the case of AirPods, it is, for example, imperfectly active active suppression of ambient noise, occasional disconnection or sounds resembling rattling. However, even 2D15 does not seem to have eliminated all the shortcomings.

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Jiří Filip 4 pm 12 hours ago

There are already a huge number of comments on the Twitter social network regarding the new firmware, not all of which are positive. While some users praise the fact that the rattle in their headphones seems to have been removed by the firmware, others claim that they are still in the same or even worse with it. The same goes for the active suppression of ambient noise, the firmware of which the firmware also did not eliminate for all users, and what's more – some claim that the ANC is now even worse.

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Although there are only tens of cases so far, given that the problems occur in a good half of them, it can be assumed that 2D15 will be replaced in the near future by other firmware, which Apple will try to patch its headphones with for good. However, it is not possible to say exactly when this will happen at the moment, as the firmware is being developed purely internally and also tested internally, so we cannot bounce back on the intensity of beta testing, for example, regarding the release. However, as AirPods Pro has become hugely popular lately, Apple will certainly not leave problems with them for a long time.

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