Apple has stepped up its fight against coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has been crippling events in many countries around the world for almost a year. However, due to the vaccination, it seems that it is starting to shine for better times. Of course, technology companies are also struggling with the covid-19 pandemic, for example in the form of monetary donations to healthcare and other institutions. Of course, Apple is also involved in this fight, helping COPAN to transport 15 million sampling kits to hospitals in California and Texas, for example.

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This help is not just a coincidence. Already in May last year, the apple company provided a full $ 10 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to support the company. At the same time, she also sent engineers here to help Japanese companies improve production processes. Thanks to Apple's help, production reportedly increased by a great 4000%. A new branch was also opened, which employed 250 people. "We are proud that our Advanced Manufacturing Fund supports companies like COPAN, which play a key role in the fight against COVID-19 and help healthcare professionals and communities across the country," said Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer. COPAD then said that "this collaboration has helped produce, transport and deliver millions of sampling kits to many hospitals." Furthermore, officials believe that this unique combination of American production and innovation will help break out of the coronavirus crisis and build a "safer" world.

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