Apple iOS 14.5 redirects Google Safe Browsing to protect privacy

We already reported about the beta version of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 – and about the many good functions that will soon be introduced with the final version. Another function is currently waiting for users under the hood.

It is well known that Google has a security program called Safe Browsing. Google filters out websites with malware by checking parts of the web index for potentially compromised websites. Then you go to these websites on a virtual machine to test whether the computer is infected. Phishing websites are identified using statistical models. The user is prevented from visiting such a page or is warned about it.

Maciej Stachowiak, Head of Webkit Development at Apple, has now confirmed that Apple will “secure” this system even further. In the new iOS beta, Safari provides the service via Apple servers to limit the risk of information leakage. In other words: The requests do not go directly to Google, but to Apple, where they are then forwarded to the Google server. This is to ensure that Apple users do not send any information to Google. The fact that the function is included in the beta does not necessarily mean that it will finally be found.

You can see if you are using Google Safe Browsing on your iPhone or iPad by activating Settings> Safari> Privacy and Security> Fraud Warning.

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