Apple is changing the strategy of cArcade, its quality should increase significantly

Although the Apple Arcade game service was introduced quite magnificently more than a year ago, today even a dog will not bark with it with a bit of exaggeration. Although Apple is hiding its user base, according to analysts, these are very sad numbers that neither they nor he absolutely expected. Probably that's why Cupertin now decided to develop the Apple Arcade completely differently.

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Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


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Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


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Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


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Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


Apple Arcade on MacBook Pro


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According to Bloomberg sources, Apple has recently begun terminating contracts with some development studios working on Arcade games, which are not expected to have much potential. On the contrary, people around Tim Cook now turn their attention to great titles that they enjoy, or at least should enjoy, thanks to their processing. In addition, it is these titles that will most likely be promoted by Apple in the Arcade in the future, as it adapts to the requirements that developers must meet in order for their games to be accepted into the Arcade. In other words, Apple is writing a recipe for creating only successful games for its gaming service, even at the cost of being similar to each other.

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Jiří Filip

June 25, 2020


Only time will tell how quickly Apple's new strategy will manifest itself in his Arcade. The development of games is, of course, a long way off, so it is clear that the first reflection of changes will not be here immediately. However, if Apple really manages to set up a mechanism by which only fun games will be created, it could significantly strengthen its service. After all, just for fun, the people of the Arcade subscribe, or would subscribe.

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