Apple is likely to launch iPhones twice a year

Most Apple fans are already accustomed to the fact that Apple releases iPhones every autumn, specifically in September. This standard has worked for many years, and so many of us would probably expect that the technological giant will not change anything in the coming years. But time has changed and it looks like Apple wants to play a smaller box with the release of the next generation in 2021. According to analysts, the next apple phone could be released in the spring, while in the autumn it would be followed by another series of models.


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Apple sometimes tends to experiment, and although it has not decided to change the release date of its phones for many years, 2021 could shuffle cards in this direction. According to the latest report by JP Morgan analyst Samami Chatterjee, this scenario is quite likely. Californian giant wants to be inspired by Samsung, whose Galaxy series is released in the spring and the larger model Note in the fall. According to Samika, Apple will change its strategy and in 2021 will release one or two devices already in the first half of the year, between March and June, and other models by default in September.

After all, so far only the iPhone SE has come out in the spring, which has seen tremendous success and speculation around the successor is beginning to multiply. His successor should then show up to the world at the beginning of next year, but since Apple's overall concept does not fit well, 2020 is not counted as the beginning of a new era of introducing the iPhone. The reason for this decision is quite clear – Apple wants to ensure a steady income from sales throughout the year and does not want to rely so much on the autumn season. As for the models presented, the beginning of the year should always belong to the cheaper iPhones of type 11 or XR and the conclusion to the Pro series, which should look similar to the cheaper models, but should offer some extra gadgets as it is now with the iPhone 11 and 11 Dec.

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This is likely to be the iPhone 12


  Jiří Filip Nov 21, 2019 18

We will see how apple society will handle the situation. In any case, it is a sensible solution that will keep fans from waiting almost three quarters of a year to release a new phone and Apple will be able to relax because it will drive him to a steady income. In any case, the Apple Keynote conference would become quite unnecessary and theatrical announcements of new products would simply not be necessary. Indeed, the technology giant is releasing new devices like on a conveyor belt, and only this year saw the light of the world 3 new iPhones and countless other apple devices. Next year we even expect straight 4 phones 3 models with 5G support.

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