Apple is preparing a significantly redesigned Smart Keybaord for iPads, will arrive soon

Apple is preparing a relatively big enhancement for one of the most popular iPad accessories. We are talking about the Smart Keyboard, which should at least according to the Asian portal DigiTimes this year will see a redesign of the mechanism of gripping individual keys. This makes it much closer to the external Magic Keyboard or its notebook version.

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  Jiří Filip Jul 26, 2019 1

Sources DigiTimes claim that the new generation of Smart Keyboard will see a keyboard with a scissor mechanism, which is just Magic Keyboard. When exactly should we introduce this to some extent (r) evolutionary news is not clear at the moment. However, sources are confident that Apple will show the keyboard to the world along with the new generation of iPad Pro. And as it should arrive either in March or June, the arrival of the new generation of Smart Keyboard is more or less falling.


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Unfortunately, we don't know anything more about the new generation of Smart Keyboard except for the single key system. However, further details regarding this accessory can be expected in the coming days or weeks. Apple is not doing much about its upcoming products lately – quite the contrary. For many of them "burned" in recent weeks or months himself, for example, through the bets of his operating systems, which contained references to them.

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