Apple is preparing the second series of its TV + TV + shows, which is sure of its success

The stream TV + streaming service has been up and running for a week now. It is still too early to draw conclusions about its success or failure, but Apple is already preparing a second series for all the series that were introduced on the day of service launch. This week, See, For All Mankind, Dickinson, and The Morning Show will see another series, the Variety website reported.


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While critics have adopted the series offered on  TV + rather lukewarmly, audience acceptance is slightly better. On the popular Rotten Tomatoes site, See has a critics rating of 41%, while a viewer rating of 83%. The Morning Show received a 62 percent rating from critics and 95% from viewers. Similar differences can be observed in all TV pro TV + series. Apple has not yet officially communicated how much subscribers are  TV +, nor has it shared any view-related data for each series. However, Variety's website, referring to unnamed sources close to Apple, talks to millions of people who spend more than an hour on average watching TV + TV +. In addition, most viewers have seen more than one episode from each of the four main series. Apple seems confident about the success of the content of its streaming service, so he hesitated to create more series.

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  Pavel Jelič 1 hour ago

Streaming service  TV + was officially launched last Friday, Apple offers a free weekly trial period, after which the service costs 139 crowns per month. Customers who purchased any of Apple's selected products after September 10th can use the service for free all year.

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