Apple is testing a folding iPhone, it should also support Apple Pencil

It has been known for years that Apple is internally testing various product prototypes that will never see the light of day in the end – every company that deals with product development does so. As for Apple and iPhones, there will be information here and there on the web about some "wild" prototypes that Apple is researching, whether it's the right development path or just futile efforts for something unusual. Apple is currently reportedly exploring the possibility of producing a folding iPhone that would resemble the aforementioned devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold.

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Jan Vajdák 29. 1. 2021 15

According to information from foreign insiders, Apple is testing a wide range of folding iPhone designs. The most interesting variants are supposed to resemble devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, ie with a so-called clamshell opening mechanism reminiscent of the old "lid". The side-opening design is reportedly less popular with Apple engineers.

One of the key features of these models should be support for the Apple Pencil, whether existing or potentially brand new, that will be tailored for these new iPhones. Interestingly, Apple's folding iPhones should target younger audiences, which should be matched by price. However, this does not want to be overstated due to the complex development, production and components used in similar design solutions.

What could a folding iPhone look like?

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In any case, Apple is expected to offer a folding iPhone in about 2025. It is very likely that the classic situation can be repeated, when Apple waits to deal with this technology, respectively. the design will be supported by other manufacturers, and in the end it will be Apple who will bring a functional and tuned product to the market, such as in the case of iPads or Apple Watch.

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