Apple is trying to stir interest in News + by all available means

A few weeks ago, we informed you that Apple News +, Apple's Netflix for Magazines, was unveiled in March this year. After the launch of the service, a relatively large number of users started to use the service, but this number has not increased since then and has stopped at “just” 200,000 subscribers. However, this is definitely not enough for Apple and so it tries to get its users to use the service with more and more innovations. One of them was launched by Apple only a few hours ago and because of its usefulness, it is really heard enough.



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Apple has added to News + the ability to receive daily good morning e-mail newsletters that collect the most exciting news of the day from many sources in one place. User comfort will grow again thanks to this pleasing innovation, described by Apple as “a collection of the best stories and news from the most trusted sources”. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to edit the newsletter except deactivation and therefore the readers have to rely solely on Apple's editorial selection. However, it is anticipated that Apple will personalize and add to the possibility of customizing Apple in one of the future News + updates.

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  Jiří Filip Nov 15, 2019 5

Although the news is really interesting and useful, the question is whether News +, which is only available in a few countries three months after its launch, can be started. It would certainly be far better if Apple managed to extend the service to other markets, including ours. It would certainly find subscribers here, but also in other markets. Unfortunately, when and if we can see it in our country is unclear at the moment.

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