Apple leaked iOS 14: How did it happen?

Although there are all sorts of leaks every year before Apple's new operating systems are unveiled, revealing their innovations, this year is a little different. Apple leaked one of the first versions of iOS 14 a few months ago, thanks to which the developers were able to reveal the vast majority of the main innovations of this system well in advance. Thanks to a thorough survey of the Vice portal, it is already known how the system leaked.

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Jiří Filip May 18, 2020 9

According to the findings of Vice, iOS 14 fell into the wrong hands already in December last year. An unnamed Chinese company apparently cooperating with Apple, which had it installed on the iPhone 11, was supposed to have it available. Therefore, the system soon reached the people cooperating with Apple portals, who began to present the discoveries from iOS 14 to the world.

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The first information about iOS 14 pulled directly from the leaked system began to appear in large numbers in the first three months of this year. Among them, for example, information about redesigned multitasking, a special application for augmented reality or screenshots of a redesigned interface for setting wallpapers appeared. On the other hand, with regard to the newly acquired information, it must be said that the status of the news extracted from the leaked iOS 14 may not correspond to its final version. It is necessary to take into account that the leaked version of the software is from December, and it is not clear whether this is the most current version of iOS 14 for the given period.

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