Apple seems to be preparing AR-enabled headsets

AR, or augmented reality, is a technology that we encounter more and more often, and we are likely to be. We have seen several Apple patents in the form of smart glasses in the past. These would allow you to project graphic elements into the real world that could guide you to your destination or, for example, to display attractions about historical sites. But can you imagine augmented reality in connection with headphones? Apple yes.


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The apple company owns a patent that talks about AR headphones. These could be used for conference calls during business meetings. The whole technology is that headphones should create the illusion of deploying people. Thanks to AR it would be possible to "hear" who sits where. So you don't just have to rely on voice recognition. The patent application states that "the audio signals of individual callers are processed by simulating a virtual audio environment whose acoustic properties are similar to those of the actual environment in which the listener is located."

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  Jiří Filip 8 hours 0 minutes ago

Technology should also be able to respond to movement. So if you go to the coffee machine or just turn your head, the direction of the sound from individual people will be adjusted as if you were moving in a real room. The technology could be used in games and who knows – maybe we will enjoy a similar tweak while playing games through Apple Arcade. As usual, however, it should be said that this is a patent that Apple may never start working on. Would you welcome such technology?

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