Apple still insists. Police won't unlock iPhones

Apple on Monday rejected a public request from US Attorney General Bill Barr to unlock the iPhone that belonged to an attacker from a US military base in Pensacola, Florida. In a related statement, the Cupertine company denied Barr's allegation of not providing sufficient assistance in the investigation and stated that it had responded to all requests for assistance in extracting data from both phones.



Apple helped the FBI investigate the shooting in Florida

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"Our response to numerous requests has been timely, thorough, and ongoing since the attack," Apple said in a statement. At the same time, the company promised to continue to provide the necessary law enforcement authorities with ongoing investigations. In addition, the Cupertine Company specifies the number of cases where it has made available, for example, advances on iCloud, user account information, and / or transaction related data for a number of accounts that are in any way linked to shooting, to investigate the matter. According to a recent report, Apple is not limited in any way to similar requests.


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But what a business can't do is break the iPhone's hardware and software encryption. Apple explains that once its device is locked, data cannot be accessed without a successful password or numeric lock. In theory, there are possibilities to break even this protection. These include specially programmed software, but its use – or deployment – but seriously threatens the privacy of users, according to Apple. Apple has insisted, at least since the "San Bernardino case", that there is no solely proper use of such back doors that tools of this type are easily misused. In the case of San Bernardino, the FBI finally turned to an unnamed third party at the last minute to successfully break the attacker's smartphone protection.

Apple said in a statement that it fully respects the Pensacola investigators and provides them with all available information at all times. Apple's request for the second Pensacola striker iPhone was not received by Apple until January 8, and responded to it in a matter of hours. You can read the full text here.

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