Apple: Tests the in-display Touch ID, but not just for the iPhones

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It's been a while since 2017, when Apple decided to abandon Touch ID for iPhones. There are many who dream of seeing many innovations being adopted by the company in the 2020s and eventually added to its handsets. Among them is the big return of the fingerprint scanner. Indeed, his rumored return finds him embedded, under the glass of the screen, with Face ID support. So it looks like Cupertino is seriously looking at an in-display Touch ID and not just for the iPhones.


A patent filed by Apple in May 2018 shows a futuristic smartwatch for the company. However, it looks like it will have a built-in fingerprint scanner on the screen.

In addition, Apple is expected to move antennas for data and GPS connectivity to the Apple Watch. This will allow the company to make the device thinner and use the space left for other components or a larger battery.


Apple has already ruled out testing this technology for the iPhone as well. That wouldn't surprise us if we look at the company's next phone with an in-display Touch ID.

As always, we must not forget that these are just some ideas we do not know if and when they will ever become a reality. But it looks like Apple is considering them for the foreseeable future.



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