Apple to sell more than 100 million AirPods this year

Information from new data from Counterpoint Research suggests an interesting milestone. Apple is expected to sell more than 100 million wireless handsets this year, which will continue to dominate the global wireless handset market.

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In a report published today, Counterpoint reveals that the size of the global market for completely wireless headphones exceeded all expectations last year. The market grew by more than 53% in the fourth quarter of 2019 compared to the same quarter last year. In total, 51 million headphone models were sold in the quarter, while 130 million were sold throughout the year. The United States was the main place where this group of products went the most. The total number rose by 76% compared to previous years and the US share totaled 35%. A large part of the AirPods Pro model introduced at the end of October.

Launch of new AirPods Pro sales at the end of October helped Apple record 44% sales growth for cordless handsets in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to analysts, it was sold to 6 million despite the partial unavailability of the model. Apple's market share in the cordless handset market declined slightly quarter-on-quarter, but overall Apple still maintains a stunning 47% of the market.

Two graphs showing the proportion of headphones sold, their marks, total earnings

The golden times are not over

Looking at 2021 and what wireless headphones will bring, senior analyst at Liz Lee says, "We expect Apple to sell more than 100 million wireless models by 2020. Samsung, which sold 8 million Galaxy Buds last year, will need enrich this model with new features than those expected with the improved Galaxy Buds +. This includes actively reducing ambient noise and further enhancing not only the design to beat its competitors. ”

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Apple, however, seems to be dissatisfied with earbuds and pips. According to many speculations, it plans to expand its offer by headphones with premium features, which according to analyst Ming-Chi Kua in Cupertino has been developing for a relatively long time. Kuo does not add any details about its claims except that they support Bluetooth.

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