Apple took the iPhone 11 into the dark to test its Night Mode. The result is worth it

In 2019, Apple embarked on iPhones with relatively big changes to satisfy its user base and jump its rivals in the Android world. One way the company accomplished this was to add an ultra-wide-angle lens to all the new iPhones, along with the introduction of Google's Night Sight. This convenience allows users to take high-quality photos without the need for flash in darkness and low light scenes. And it is this feature that now boasts of new advertising.

Together with Smashing Pumpkins' 'We Only Come Out at Night' song that plays in the background, the ad shows example night scene images in a work environment where the left side of the screen shows a raw dark night photo and the right side reveals how the same image looks without using a special mode. While Pixels, Google's reference phones, give the user a recommendation when to use Night Sight, the iPhone 11 activates this mode automatically when the camera detects low light.


Nocni rezim iPhone 11 (1) IPhone 11 Night Mode (1)

Nocni rezim iPhone 11 (2) IPhone 11 Night Mode (2)

Nocni rezim iPhone 11 (3) IPhone 11 Night Mode (3)

Nocni rezim iPhone 11 (4) IPhone 11 Night Mode (4)
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Apple is also developing a feature called Deep Fusion that resembles HDR + from Pixels. The moment the photo is taken, a total of 9 different exposures, 4 standard, 4 short, and one long exposure photo are recorded in the background. The three standard ones combine with a single long exposure image to create a “synthetic long exposure” that is further combined with the sharpest image from the short exposure quartet. It takes only 1 second for the A13 Bionic Neural Unit to select the best pixels to use from a total of four different processing steps. The result is sharper photos with less noise. Deep Fusion is used with most telephoto images and standard camera sensor in medium or low light. The iPhone 11 series represents Apple's entry into the realm of software, in which Google quickly found its Pixel line of phones.

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