Apple TV applications will arrive on Xboxes and PlayStations, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are also planned.

When Apple announced last year that it intended to unlock its software solutions to the general public through applications that could be installed on the least useful products, it pleased many of its fans. Thanks to this step, we are now able to play programs from Apple TV + or iTunes on some smart TVs, or mirror the display of a phone, tablet or computer without the need for a physical Apple TV. This is where Apple TV and AirPlay 2 are being replaced. And it seems that they will be moved from smart TVs to game consoles in the near future.

Apple TV in the Microsoft Store on Xbox Source: MacRumors

Beta testers of the new Xbox software noticed a few hours ago that it is now possible to download the Apple TV application to these devices, which will provide users with access to the library of movies on iTunes and content on Apple TV +. The editors from 9to5mac then managed to find out from their sources that the same is going for the same for the PlayStation, with the prospect of using HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support for both platforms – a feature that Apple is gradually deploying to smart TVs. . However, HomeKit and AirPlay 2 are likely to arrive later than Apple TV.

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As for the release of its public version, question marks are still hanging over the term. However, it is generally assumed that this could happen on November 10, as it is on this day that the first generation of new consoles – the Xbox Series S and X – will arrive on store shelves. This will be followed 9 days later by Sony with its PlayStation 5 in Europe, then on November 12 in the USA. So targeting this term would definitely make sense.

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