Apple TV + suffers from a lack of content due to coronavirus

The Apple TV + streaming platform, which is constantly striving to create a competitive environment for Netflix, Hulu and other giants, is in itself quite controversial. Although fans praise it and many do not allow it, critics of this apple service mainly blame the lack of content, low variability and, above all, a not very wide portfolio of interesting images. And this situation could be exacerbated by the current coronavirus pandemic, as most of the filming has been relegated to the sidelines, and the release of more series and films will be significantly delayed.

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The spread of coronavirus has affected almost all companies around the world, and while the unprecedented growth of users moving around the online world may seem the opposite, technology giants are not spared either. While individual services and platforms have seen record sales and an influx of new faces, they face one major problem, which is the lack of content. Whether it's games, movies or the arrival of new series, everything is being postponed en masse, and in many cases this shift can have catastrophic consequences. Disney + and Apple TV +, two relatively new services that try to entice viewers with original and unconventional content, are no exception. However, it is slowly happening and resources are drying up, which has forced both companies to think about how to proceed. Fortunately, Disney is relatively clear in this regard, and in the meantime is coming to the scene with old and new images that will entertain users while they wait for more additions.

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Jiří Filip 10. 4. 2020 14

The film giant didn't even hesitate to dust off a couple of old classics from the 70's and 80's, which he officially included in the Disney + offer. Apple, on the other hand, is unlucky in this regard and can't just go to market. Most series on Apple TV + rely on other series and currently have almost nothing to offer, as fans have already seen everything during that time and nothing new awaits them. So many people will have no reason to renew their subscriptions and it can be expected that apple companies will have a nice percentage of paying users run over to the competition. The only way out for Apple is to work with a variety of TV stations and online portals that will offer Apple Platform customers free access for a limited time. The offer covers, for example, Arrow Video Channel, EPIX, History Channel Vault and other services offering relatively interesting content. However, as is customary with these channels, the vast majority are only available in the United States. We'll see if Apple manages to grind out of all this.

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