Apple TV + will soon arrive with a documentary about the legendary Beastie Boys

If you are actively interested in the music scene and especially hip hop, you certainly did not miss the three-member group Beastie Boys, which originated in the late 70s of last century. In a short while she managed to break through and become one of the major players in the gaming industry of her time, which naturally did not miss Apple. Although the trio still performs occasionally and engages in other projects, it slowly but surely falls into oblivion. This obviously forced the apple company to make a documentary that will map key moments in the band's history and acquaint the audience with its entire story.





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Over the past few decades, many bands have been formed and disappeared, some of which knew the world and the rest remained in the sink of history. The first group includes Beastie Boys, which became famous mainly on the hip hop scene and has won many awards. This motivated Apple to make an adaptation of Beastie Boys Book, according to which the documentary will unfold and retell the whole story from the perspective of Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz. Directed by longtime friend of musicians and talented creator Spike Jonze, who tried to cover the whole 40 years of the band's existence and show the audience both the bright and dark sides of industry and the great moments of all three members of the band. After all, the film will be premiered exactly 26 years after the release of the band's first album, Ill Communication.

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The document will be released in the spring, when it will premiere on April 3 in IMAX cinemas and then three weeks later, ie on April 24, will also see Apple TV +. Not surprisingly, the apple company has partially sidelined the streaming platform. The cinema can be nominated for various awards and rated as a standard film. One way or another, the documentary is fortunate enough to eventually see the light of day and not end up as a canceled Oprah film or the dramatic The Banker.

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