Apple wants to bet much more on titanium in future products

The apple company is still looking for new ways to embellish its future devices. In many respects, it is quite a tough task, for example, as new material must be at least as durable and strong as the previous one, but at the same time offer the desired improvements. Apparently, one such material has already found Apple and is slowly preparing for its greater deployment. In the future, according to the patent should much more often bet on titanium, which could theoretically replace classic aluminum. Indeed, he released the first swallow last year when he introduced the world titanium Apple Watch.

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While in recent weeks Apple's patents have focused mainly on iPhone and Mac, lately his attention has also shifted to manufacturing processes and materials themselves. So far, the apple company has mainly used aluminum, and although there have been several variations in the past, Apple has always reverted to proven methods (except in recent years, at least for premium iPhone hold steel). But this is gradually changing and according to the latest patent, the technological giant would like to use titanium in the future. According to the patent, it even appears that Apple has found a way to provide a matt surface with a very high resistance to any damage. Everything should solve quite well the invisible protrusions, which should make the resistance of the material sharply increase and at the same time should have an "opaque" effect on the eye. However, it is certain that we will wait some time for new production processes. Apple is quite conservative in this regard and rarely throws itself into such changes. Nevertheless, it is a great idea that could potentially be used in the future.

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