Apple Watch owners will enjoy another exclusive fitness challenge for the badge in February

The California giant does not seem to plan to investigate the fitness challenges for Apple Watch this year. After his classic January call for an active start to the new year, according to information from the 9to5mac portal, he has prepared another call for February. This time, it will aim to draw attention to the celebrations of the Month of Black History, which fall in the USA in February. However, the call should be available worldwide, as should, for example, the one for national park celebrations. However, if it does not appear on the watch in the Czech Republic, it can be triggered by a change of region.

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Amaya Tomanová March 9, 2019 7

Meeting the special fitness challenge in February will be a relatively simple matter. All it will take is to close the red circle of movement for seven consecutive days between 1 and 28 February. Unlike the current fitness challenge for the new year, which consists of closing all watch rings for seven days in a row, there will be no challenge, which Apple may have decided on in view of the ongoing situation in the world, which unfortunately does not make much of a difference. Indeed, many countries have recently tightened quarantine measures to combat coronavirus.

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As for the rewards that Apple has prepared for successful participants in the fitness challenge, it is, as usual, an exclusive badge that can only be obtained within it, along with four stickers for iMessafe and FaceTime. These are, of course, inspired by the theme of celebrations, which you can see in the gallery above this paragraph.

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