Apple Watch SE Review: A great ticket to the world of Apple's smartwatch

After yesterday's review of the Apple Watch Series 6, there is finally a review of the Apple Watch SE. Is it worth buying these new smartwatches from Apple, and are they really only intended for less demanding users, or is it an interesting alternative for almost everyone? If you are thinking about a new watch or are at least sporadically interested in it, in the following lines of this review you will find out whether to buy a watch or not.

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<h2>Packaging and design, or nothing new under the sun</h2>
<p>If Apple Watch SE is your first watch from a California company portfolio, you'll be thrilled with the precision of the packaging. However, if you have owned a watch several times, you will probably not be surprised. In the white oblong box you will find a separately packed watch and strap in two sizes, as well as several manuals and a charging cable. The adapter in the package is missing, whether Apple has taken the right step or made it, everyone must judge for themselves, but personally I do not think that this fact is one of the important things in deciding whether to buy Apple Watch SE or not. However, we will not deal with packaging further, you can read its detailed description in our Unboxing.</p>
<p>As for the specifications, you will find on paper that they are de facto truncated Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. Although the SE model offers an S5 processor from these generations and shares with them the same design along with color variants (ie gray , silver and gold), but does not offer an ECG sensor in the digital crown or the Always On display. However, these concessions are bought at a price – for a smaller 40 mm model, Apple charges a very decent CZK 7,990, and for a larger 44 mm, CZK 8,790. It is therefore an affordable smartwatch.</p>
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You will not have a problem with the display

The display of the watch is exactly the same as the one offered in the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 – it is a Retina OLED panel, which offers 324 × 394 pixels in the case of the 40 mm version we tested and 368 × 448 pixels at the moment you choose larger 44 mm size. Because I'm a visually impaired user, I can't directly judge how faithful the color rendering, legibility, or maximum brightness is. I showed the watch to several of my acquaintances and it should be noted that no one complained about poor readability or color rendering – quite the contrary. Both notifications and your notes or web pages will be viewed comfortably on a small display.

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However, what freezes is the lack of Always On, which is available to both Series 5 and 6th generation watches. One could argue that this function only consumes energy in the battery unnecessarily, and I can't say half an owl against it, I should always Always On even due to my visual impairment. Of course, it's always better to be able to deactivate a feature than not have it available at all. We haven't seen a reduction in the frames either, but I can't blame Apple for the price – after all, even the latest Series 6 has not undergone significant design changes, so it should hardly be otherwise with the cheaper variant. I can't blame anything for the quality of the workmanship, it's at the top level, as we're used to from the previous generations of the California giant. In the Czech Republic, the watch is offered only in an aluminum case without LTE support, if you would like to buy a product made of another material, abroad you can get steel watches with LTE connectivity. Titanium, ceramic and Hermès are not sold in the SE version, which is understandable given the target group for which the watch is intended.

It certainly doesn't offend functions or sensors

I switched to Apple Watch SE from the 4th generation, which has a sensor for measuring ECG. Personally, I have never used this feature in practice and I would say that 99% of users will have the same experience. Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, has 32 GB of storage and a compass. I honestly can't imagine what I would have to do with a watch to fill its internal memory, especially when you can only store a limited number of songs in it. I really don't understand this limit on Apple – especially when the size of apps in watchOS is only a fraction of the size of the apps for iOS. However, what I'm really excited about is the compass, which, in addition to showing the sides of the world, also displays other interesting data. This is exactly what the Apple Watch Series 4 was missing and did not arrive until last year in Series 5. However, due to the lack of applications for watchOS, you will unfortunately not use the compass for purposes other than navigating yourself, which is definitely a shame.

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Compared to the Apple Watch Series 4, the watch offers improved fall detection, which you will also find in the Apple Watch Series 5 and 6. This function works really reliably. I tested it myself, and although I didn't try to fall hard, she almost always noticed it, compared to my previous watches, the difference in accuracy was striking. In other words, when you fall unconscious, you have 99% confidence that they will be able to call for help. The product also includes a barometric altimeter, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate monitor to record activity. So this is more or less standard equipment, which does not make sense, given how common it is today in a smart watch, to disassemble.

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<h2>Stamina didn't move (again)</h2>
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If you look at the official specifications on Apple's website, they say the watch should last 18 hours of normal operation. In other words, you won't have a problem when you charge your watch overnight. I consider myself a more demanding user who has Apple Watch as a universal product for communication, navigation, sports or occasional web browsing, and I do not pull out the phone if possible and convenient. In this case, the endurance is a bit on the edge. My day started at 7:00, since then I have dictated to answer a few messages, made quite a few calls, browsed websites for about 10 minutes, used navigation for 15 minutes, practiced for 20 minutes, and streamed music for 45 minutes into connected headphones. via Bluetooth. At about 9:00 p.m., the watch requested a charger. However, you have to admit that I took the product quite a bit, and I didn't mention regular time checks and notifications. However, if you only sporadically reply to messages, make phone calls and occasionally go jogging for a while, all-day use will not be a problem for you. If you are even less demanding, you will get to two days.

However, what is a huge problem is, as with all generations of the Apple Watch, a longer workout with GPS turned on. You can't count on a full-day bike trip or a twenty-kilometer hike with the Exercise application turned on. If you want to buy a watch with similar functionality, you need to look for a more sporty product, such as a Garmin watch. It's true that Apple is targeting a different group of users, but why isn't it able to create a line exclusively for athletes, even though its watches are still sold as rolls?

watchOS 7:

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What I also don't quite understand is the sleep measurement application. By this I do not come across its functionality as a question, when should we charge the watch? Apple Watch SE charges about 1.5 hours, which is not a short time, so you have to find this time just before bed, or charge it for some time, then go to bed and put them back on the charger in the morning to recharge as much as possible. . Honestly, however, this procedure does not suit me, and many will certainly agree with me that it is very uncomfortable. Apple Watch fans, including myself, might argue that endurance is redeemed by features not included in other manufacturers' watches, on the other hand, I think that since 2015, when the first Apple Watch was introduced, it has moved with endurance they could.

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Use in practice, or (almost) perfect for the masses

As I mentioned above, Apple Watch is an extremely popular companion in everyday life. I can make a call, answer a message, check emails, practice, use navigation, listen to music or pay in stores. Apple Watch SE offers me this comfort without chopping up in any way, calls would sound poor or restrict me in any way. In addition, if you own a smart home, you can control almost any accessory from the watch. The same goes for some smart TVs, for example. Without LTE connectivity, however, it's still just an extended hand on the iPhone, which works great and fits into the ecosystem. Without it, however, there is only a time indicator and a sports tracker. LTE is missing from the watch, and if you are not one of the users who want a perfect connection, but rather you rely on sports, you probably won't be pleased with SE or other Apple Watches. On the other hand, Apple Watch SE is aimed at a less demanding group of users who need to communicate as quickly as possible, use third-party applications and occasionally measure sports activity. I would say that this purpose fulfills the product more than great.

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Apple Watch SE is an extremely versatile product that will not limit you in any way. For a reasonable price, you get a product with a display, processor, memory and functions that will satisfy even the most demanding users. Compared to other smart watches from the California giant, this is the most advantageous product in terms of price / performance, so if you regret the Always On display and many unused ECG or blood oxygen meter. The biggest Achilles' heel is endurance, which even in moderately demanding use does not significantly exceed 1 day, and the lack of LTE connectivity in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, I think that the Apple product line is one of the most advantageous "investments" that will find its buyers. If you are looking for a slightly more sporty watch with better battery life, you do not fall into the target group of Apple Watch SE, but also other watches from Apple, otherwise the product we reviewed will offend you with almost nothing, and if it is the first Apple Watch for you, even natchne. As for the upgrade, I would recommend it to owners of Apple Watch Series 3 and older, if you are no longer satisfied with, for example, the wear and tear of the 4th generation battery, the purchase of SE will also pay off.

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