Apple will be introducing the most products in its history this fall. What will it all be?

Did the previous autumns seem rich to you in terms of new Apple products? Then know that this year should be even more interesting. This is claimed at least by the sources of the very well-informed reporter Marek Gurman, according to whom Apple has prepared the most products it has ever presented in this time period.

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iPhone 14 Pro

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Jiří Filip

Jan 17, 2022


Although words about a lot of news coming out in the fall may seem somewhat tempting, you need to add one big but. Many products that arrive in the fall have had their premieres earlier in earlier generations, and Apple is "just" redirecting them this year so that they have a strong autumn at the expense of other times of the year. Gurman's list of autumn products is as follows:

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iPhone 14 Pro

IPhone 14 Pro-4 concept

iPhone 14 Pro

Concept iPhone 14 Pro-3

iPhone 14 Pro

Concept iPhone 14 Pro-2

iPhone 14 Pro

Concept iPhone 14 Pro-1

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iPhone 14 Pro-

IPhone 14 Pro-FB concept

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Four new iPhones (14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max)
New Cheap MacBook Pro
Redesigned MacBook Air
Larger iMac (Pro)
Mac Pro with Apple Silicon
AirPods Pro 2
Three new Apple Watch models
New basic iPad
New Generation iPads Pro

As you can see, for example, the MacBook Air and the base Pro series came in the past at the beginning of the year, as did the iPads Pro. A few years ago, we were used to the fact that at the beginning of the year, Apple also introduced basic iPads and iMacs, and the autumn was dedicated primarily to iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods. Why he wants it to be much more spectacular this year is therefore a mystery, as is the arrival of the first smart glasses from Apple's workshop.

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