Apple's efforts to develop a flexible display for the iPhone or iPad are still

Manufacturers around the world are gradually stuck to the latest trend, which is a folding display. Samsung's latest achievement, with the appropriate nickname Fold, looked promising, but in the finals turned out quite disastrous and the only company that has a real chance in this regard is Huawei. Still, it looks like another player, Apple, might be coming into play soon. The company is still working on a solution that would enable it to produce an iPhone or iPad with a display around the device.



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The folding display technology is still in its infancy and so far it is a non-traditional fad rather than a functional and long-term solution. However, innovation is running at full speed and it is possible that this trend will soon replace the standard format of smartphones. In addition, other, much more daring ideas are beginning to emerge, like the display wrapped around the phone. This is one of the reasons why Apple, who is still working on a new type of apple phone, is also shining on the industry. In practice, it would look like the iPhone has both a top and bottom built-in hardware that looks like a standard smartphone. The main difference would be a display that would smoothly encircle the entire body of the phone and be connected by a kind of joint that would connect the whole screen.

It would therefore not be essentially a foldable display, but rather two or more overlapping screens. As a result, the touch unit would simulate the 3D effect and at the same time effectively connect, so there is no need to constantly disassemble the phone. Apple, of course, counts on the classic option, which has been tried by many technology companies. So far, these are only preliminary designs and it would hardly be thought that the next generation might look like this, but it is still a rather remarkable concept. After all, the apple company has had similar patents validated for several years, so it can be expected that it will come up with such a device in the future. The question remains for how long and which of the two unconventional proposals it will use.

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