Apple's pull for Apple Pay with the European Union continues

Technological giants have not made it easy in recent weeks, and while in the United States most companies are invited to a rug in front of Congress, the European Union is starting to take similar steps. After all, in many ways, interventions by the state and regulators are most necessary and justified. Large corporations often just abuse their position, try to circumvent the laws and take the market for themselves. Apple was also accused of doing the same thing, who had really cooked it with the European Union for Apple Pay.


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As for multinational corporations, the European Union is quite uncompromising. Technology companies are still overseen by the European Commission, which enforces competition law and its due respect. Margrethe Vestager took the same role and received several complaints about Apple's practices, especially monopolistic behavior and violations of competing agreements. Indeed, the Commission had similar suspicions already in August, when it sent out a questionnaire to many companies to determine whether individual retailers were forced to use Apple Pay and give preference to the service. The same claim that the Californian company has to face the NFC chip, which was supposedly set to work only with the apple payment method. This was to put other mobile payment providers at a disadvantage while distorting the competitive environment.

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  Amaya Tomanová Oct 17, 2019 30

We will see what conclusion the European Commission will come to. What is certain is that it is not the first or last time Apple has faced similar scrambles. In the past, for example, it was still a pending case where Spotify complained about an apple company about prioritizing its own services over third-party applications. However, society should pay attention to the European Union and not play with it too much. Incidentally, Facebook has to deal with the biggest fine in history, which was over $ 5 billion, as well as many other giants. It remains to be seen whether Apple will be able to catch up with a similar fate or manage to germinate as efficiently as ever from this tragedy.

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