Are you going to buy a quick charge adapter not only for the iPhone 12? Reach for Swissten

Commercial message: Until last year, when Apple introduced the iPhone XS (Max), we could find an outdated 5W charging adapter in the package, even though apple phones had long supported fast charging. With the advent of the iPhone 11 Pro (Max), Apple began packing an 18W charger in the package, while the cheaper iPhone 11 still had a cheaper 5W adapter in the package. Unfortunately, the California giant got completely stuck in this case, and at a time when you could find an adapter with a power of several tens of watts in the package of a competing smartphone, Apple was still offering a shameful 5W adapter and decided to get users to buy more money. adapter more powerful.

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Jiří Filip October 15, 2020 8

You won't find an adapter or headphones in the iPhone 12 and other packages

If you watched the Apple Event with us earlier this week, you certainly haven't missed the introduction of the new "twelve" iPhones. To be specific, the apple company presented the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max at the second autumn conference this year. Less attentive of you might expect that the packaging of these iPhones will include a brand new, 20W adapter that Apple has started offering in its store. However, the opposite is true, as the Californian giant has decided to stop charging the charging adapters, along with the EarPods, to its smartphones. You will not find adapters and headphones with the iPhone 11, XR and SE (2020), which you can buy directly at At first, this may seem completely nonsensical, but when you look at the whole situation from a different angle, it starts to make sense to you.

iPhone 12:

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When announcing the absence of the adapter and headphones in the package, Apple said that there are a total of about 2 billion charging adapters in the world and it is simply pointless to produce more. Most of us already have an adapter at home and it is useless to keep new and new adapters stored at home all the time – and this is the same with headphones. Thanks to the removal of the adapter and headphones, Apple was able to reduce the packaging of apple phones, thus achieving less demanding logistics. In short, Apple is all about leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint on our planet, which it has definitely reduced by a lot with these decisions. This is because there is less production of adapters, and thanks to the smaller package, it will be possible to transport more apple phones at once.

Source: Apple

If you don't have a quick charge adapter, you can reach for it from Swissten

Of course, there are also individuals who have no adapter at home – for example, because they sold their old iPhone with it, or because it stopped working for them. For our convenience, it is then advisable to have at least one charging adapter in each room of the apartment or house, so that we do not have to constantly disconnect and connect one and the same. So if you belong to this group of users who lack an adapter, then you have two options – either you reach for the original solution from Apple, or you buy an adapter from a third-party manufacturer. Although Apple decided to reduce the cost of the adapter and EarPods headphones, the original solution is of course still much more expensive than that from a third party. In this case, you can buy the perfect Fast Charging Power Delivery (PD) adapters from Swissten, which surpass the original adapters in many ways. Let's say something more about Power Delivery and the mentioned adapters.

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Pavel Jelič 20. 9. 2020 13

What exactly is Power Delivery?

Even before we dive into the adapters themselves, it would be nice to say what Power Delivery is. In short and simply, it is a standard for fast charging of apple devices. It should be noted that Power Delivery is really the only standard available for fast charging of apple products. In the world, for example, there is still a Quick Charge from Qualcomm, but this standard is intended for Android phones and will not work with Apple devices. You can then easily identify Power Delivery by using the USB-C connector. The classic Power Delivery adapter therefore has a USB-C output, the Power Delivery cable then has a USB-C connector for connection to the adapter on one side, and a Lightning connector for connection to an apple phone on the other side. Power Delivery works on all iPhones 8 and newer, specifically these devices can be charged with up to 18 watt adapters, the latest iPhones 12 can then be charged with the 20 watt adapter that Apple currently offers. It should be noted that both of these adapters are interchangeable and the difference is minimal.

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18W and 20W Power Delivery adapters Swissten are absolutely ideal…

So we explained above what the Power Delivery standard is. If you also want to use fast charging and are looking for a cheap but at the same time high-quality alternative to the original Power Delivery adapter, you can use adapters from Swissten. It specifically offers 18W and 20W Power Delivery charging adapters. The 18W adapter is designed for all iPhones 8 and newer, the 20W adapter for the latest iPhones 12. However, you can buy a 20W adapter and use it on your older iPhone 8 – nothing will happen and of course the adapter will easily adapt, as well as an 18W adapter to charge the iPhone 12 and again nothing happens – the charging itself will be only slightly slower. Buying an obsolete 5W adapter in 2020 is simply out of the question, if you don't want to remember the old days and be a bit retro. Just for fun, in the Apple Online Store you can still buy a 5W adapter alongside the 20W – but the price is the same for both adapters, ie 590 crowns, and only a fool would reach for the old "classic" in the form of a 5W adapter.

You can buy an 18W fast charging adapter for iPhone 8 and newer for 399 crowns here
You can buy a 20W quick charge adapter for iPhone 12 for 429 crowns here

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Oproti and compared to the original ones, it offers much more

You may be wondering why I mentioned above that Swissten adapters can outperform the original. While the original adapter has the shape of a classic adapter, Swissten adapters offer a special "narrow" shape, which has a USB-C Power Delivery output on the bottom and therefore the top – depending on how you connect the adapter to the socket. Thanks to this, you can connect the adapter to a socket even in a place where there is poor access, such as behind a cabinet or other furniture. At the same time, thanks to the adapter, the cable can be routed where it is needed in such a place, without unnecessarily breaking the cable as such. In addition, if you plug the adapter into the socket with the USB-C output facing down, you will be able to use the iPhone stand at the top of the adapter, which is not only convenient when traveling. Both adapters are available in white and black, so you can be sure that you can match them perfectly with your modern furniture.

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Pavel Jelič July 21, 2020 0

You will also need a Power Delivery cable

If you want to run fast charging, in addition to the adapter, you also need the aforementioned Power Delivery cable, which has a USB-C at one end and a Lightning at the other. Even in this case, you can use cables from Swissten, which are braided and much more durable than the original ones. Swissten sells both variants with MFi certification, which will guarantee the functionality of the cable even after the iOS update, and variants without this certification, which are several hundred crowns cheaper. And if you want to use Power Delivery in your vehicle, you can use a special 36W cigarette lighter adapter in your vehicle. This adapter has a total of two connectors – the first is USB-C Power Delivery, the second connector is then the classic USB-A with QuickCharge 3.0 technology, which is designed for Android devices.

You can buy certified 1.2 m PD USB-C / Lightning cables with MFi for 499 crowns here
You can buy ordinary 1.2 m PD USB-C / Lightning cables without MFi certification for 295 crowns here
You can buy a 36W fast charging adapter for your car for 449 crowns here

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