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Commercial message: Would you like to buy a new iPhone, Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch, but you don't want to spend the whole amount at once? Then we have a relatively interesting tip for you, thanks to which you can easily solve the situation, without paying an extra crown in the final. The store has prepared an exclusive Weekend without Increase event for its customers, so you can buy in installments with a 0% increase. weekend without navyseni Source:

The best advantage is that the promotion applies to almost all products from the store's offer. For example, you can get a brand new MacBook Air for $ 1,499 a month, an iPad Air for $ 849 a month, and an iPhone 12 for $ 1,149 a month. How does it work in practice? The value of the selected equipment is calculated for you in 20 installments so that you pay exactly the original amount and do not spend an extra crown. But it has one smaller hook. As the name of the event implies, this offer is valid only during this weekend, ie from 14 to 16 May. That is exactly why you should not procrastinate and not miss the event.

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You can then get an attractive bonus when you buy the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Not only can you now buy these pieces in installments without increase, but you will also receive a voucher worth CZK 1,000 for your next purchase. Even those who have fallen for the new Mac will get their money's worth. For selected models, you will receive a free electronic license for Microsoft Office 365 worth CZK 1,690.

More information about the Weekend without increase and bonus can be found here

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