AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

Banggood, as one of the most famous e-shops from China, offers really a lot of interesting electronics including projectors. I have never had a projector before so I am always curious about it.

However, as we know, it is really a big risk to buy a projector from China due to the long shipping. Projectors have many fragile parts inside so it is really easy to get broken in the shipping. And we also heard some complaints about the problem from our fans.

Thanks to Banggood, I got an AUN M18 projector luckily free of charge to review. And it arrives in a pretty good condition. Today I am gonna show my unboxing for it. You will find how AUN M18’s packaging quality impressed me.

Outer Packaging appearance

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

The blue packaging has a matte feeling which makes it looks gorgeous. When you put it up, you can sense its compact quality. There won’t be any shakes in the inner space when you move the box.

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

There is a product picture in front of the outer packaging with some letters. Very simple design.

Unbox outer packaging

Actually, I couldn’t wait a minute to unbox this projector because I was so excited. So here we go.

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

After opening the packaging from the upper, there is a paper box on the top with 2 holes so that you can remove it easily. The quality of the paper box is quite good and it can prevent damage in the shipping.

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

In this paper box, there are accessories of the projector. Let’s check it out.

There is a manual, a remote control, a pair of 3D glasses, a power cable and a VGA cable in the box as the accessories coming with AUN M18. What’s more, there is a letter to AUN customers from CEO Kurtis Liu. You can feel the strong concern from AUN and have a better impression of this brand.

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

After having removed the paper box which has accessories inside, you can see the upper of the inner box. Let’s take it out and see how crazy the packaging it is.

Unbox inner packaging

As you can see in my picture, the projector is fully protected by the ‘heavily armed’ inner packaging. The inner packaging is made of plastic cushion and has hard plastic protectors at the edges. It is super crazy for this inner packaging. It reminds me of the tanks made in Germany in WWII which have extremely heavy arms.

After having removed the inner packaging, you can see how thick the plastic cushion is. I think AUN company really cares about customers and really spent a lot on the design of the packaging. The crazy safe packaging makes it almost impossible to get broken in the shipping.

The appearance of AUN M18 projector

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

After removing the white plastic bag, you can see the exact look of AUN M18 projector. There is metal drawing on the surface of the projector which makes it look great. And there is a plastic cover to protect the lens.

And as you can find in the picture, I directly put this 3.2kg projector on the empty outer packaging box and there is no problem at all. The quality of the outer packaging is really good.

AUN M18 front view

AUN M18 unbox-crazy safe packaging impressed me

There are a lens and an indicator light in the front panel.

AUN M18 back view

The ports are in the back panel.

AUN M18 upper view

The control buttons and the zoom ring are on the upper panel.


I am super impressed by the crazy packaging quality of AUN M18 projector. AUN dismissed my doubt of shipping with the heavy arms. And with Banggood’s fast shipping priority line, you do not need to worry about anything to buy a projector from China.

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