Banggood: PDM is on again! All new coupons, here!



Banggood: PDM is on again! All new coupons, here!

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Given the dozens of messages we have been receiving for a few days on the contact form , we thought it appropriate to solve everybody’s questions with a detailed article. As many of you will have noticed, in about 2 weeks Priority Direct Mail had disappeared from most (not all) Banggood smartphones. However, as of today, Banggood has informed us that PDM (Priority Direct Mail) from Hong Kong warehouses is operating REGULARLY – no customs of course, as before.



We had already made 2 orders via PDM and the selection came in handy, and we also got tracking Netherlands Registered as needed. We are now starting to get bids from Banggood (for smartphones), as we have stopped bidding for days since there was no safe way – until today! So we summarize:


Priority Direct Mail returns to Banggood for shipment from Hong Kong, so you can order properly.


We now give you ALL the first safe coupons:



General rule for secure orders


It is good to remember the golden rule before ordering to avoid mishaps (customs). Before every purchase in Chinese stores (Banggood, Gearbest, Geekbuying) we select:


  • whatever method we want (the cheapest with tracking we say) (if the price is below $ 22) – no customs.

  • Priority Direct Mail (or EU Priority Line / Railway if available) for purchases of over $ 22 from Banggood.

  • Netherlands Registered PDM / Railway for purchases over $ 22 from Gearbest to avoid customs.

Don’t forget: Shipping Insurance / Guarantee is OPTIONAL (concerns parcel loss). IF you buy Chinese smartphones with PayPal (as we recommend) You do NOT need Shipping Insurance / Guarantee. It will cover you PayPal.


For any other queries, leave us comments and our ninjas will be happy to answer you 😉




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