Banggood vs Gearbest, Which Is the Better One? Data Reveals

For Gearbest clients, most of them hear of Banggood. Similarly, for Banggood clients, most of them hear of Gearbest. In fact, many people buy both from Gearbest and Banggood. Sometimes they are hard to say Gearbest vs Banggood, which is better. Here I would like to use data to show you which is the better one.

1. Google Trends Data

Google Trends is a data tool to show the popularity of something from Google Search results. I use it to compare Banggood and Gearbest.

Banggood vs Gearbest Google Trends data

Firstly, I filtered worldwide&past 5 years&all categories&web search. I found before Sep 2015, Banggood had a higher score. But after that, Gearbest has much more scores than Banggood. Actually, in 2014 Gearbest has become a listed company. It means it would have much more money than before. As a result, Gearbest beats Banggood.

Banggood vs Gearbest Google Trends data

Then I filtered worldwide&past 90 days&all categories&web search. I found Gearbest score is becoming lower and lower. Banggood score nearly keeps the same. Many People say Gearbest is getting worse these months. The lower score may be a result. But Gearbest still has a higher trend score.

So, in Google Trends data, Banggood vs Gearbest, Gearbest wins.

2. Similarweb Data

Similarweb is a tool to find many data from a website. You can easily get data to judge the health of a website. I use Similarweb data in March 2019(the most recent data when the article is done) as an example.

Banggood vs Gearbest Similarweb data
Banggood vs Gearbest Similarweb data

As shown in the screenshots above, obviously Gearbest has much more traffics than Banggood. Even Banggood has better data in pages per visit(the more the better) and bounce rate(the less the better), Gearbest still has more advantages because it has a better base(traffics).

So, in Similarweb data, Banggood vs Gearbest, Gearbest wins.

3. Trustpilot Data is a powerful review platform. People can score a company with their own experience.

Banggood vs Gearbest Trustpilot data
Banggood vs Gearbest Trustpilot data

As Trustpilot scores data shows, Banggood has a higher score. This means in customers views, Banggood is better.

So, in Trustpilots data, Banggood vs Gearbest, Banggood wins.

4. Banggood vs Gearbest Summary

After 3 data competition, Gearbest beats Banggood at 2:1. So it means Banggood vs Gearbest, Gearbest is the better one.

What do you think of the result? If you have any idea about which is the better one, will you leave us a comment? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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