Basic tips and tricks for iOS 14

Owners of apple products have finally seen the full versions of this year's operating systems. On the LsA website, we will gradually introduce the basic tips and tricks for individual OS – in today's article we will tell you how to make the best use of iOS 14.

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Play widgets even with your desktop

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One of the long-awaited new features in iOS 14 are widgets. Unlike the iPadOS 14 operating system, you can add them not only to the Today view, but also to the desktop. To manage widgets in Today view, slide the iPhone's main screen to the right and swipe down on the widgets screen. Click Edit here – just click the “+” in the upper left corner of your iPhone screen to add a new widget. To add a widget to the desktop, long press on the free space on the desktop and add the widget by clicking on the “+” in the upper left corner. When deleting applications, in iOS 14 you get the option to delete the application and move it to the Application Library at the same time. You can also delete individual faces completely – just long-press a place on the desktop, click on the dot bar, and then uncheck the ones you don't want to display in the face overview.

Use the Application Library

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The application library in iOS 14 serves as an overview for all your applications. You can reach it by moving the last area of ​​your iPhone to the left – for a faster transition, long press the dot bar at the bottom of your iPhone's display and slide your finger to the right. This will take you to the last area, which you just need to move to the left. At the top of the Application Library, you'll find a search box, below which is a panel with application suggestions and recently added applications. You can work with applications in the Application Library as usual, in Settings -> Desktop you can then specify whether newly downloaded applications will appear on the desktop or only in the Application Library.

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Another novelty in the iOS 14 operating system is the Translate application. It offers the possibility of translating written text and spoken word into selected languages ​​(other languages ​​will be gradually added). In the Translate application, you can also add your favorite translations, translate entire conversations, and have the pronunciation of the phrase or phrase you just translated checked, or have the translation spoken aloud. In iOS 14, it will also be possible to translate a web page directly in Safari by clicking on “Aa” on the left side of the address bar.

Use Picture in Picture

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A very welcome feature in iOS 14 is Picture in Picture – a feature that allows you to watch a video or video call while working seamlessly on your iPhone. Picture-in-picture is available for Netflix or HBO GO applications, but also for FaceTime video calls. To activate Picture-in-Picture, simply swipe your finger across the screen while playing a video, as if you want to slide the video up. You can freely move the thumbnail of the video on the iPhone desktop, pinch or spread two fingers to resize the window, click the icon in the upper right corner of the video to return to the classic view.

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Call and work

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The iOS 14 operating system has also undergone a number of changes in terms of appearance. One of the new features is a more compact display of the interface with an incoming call – it will be displayed in the form of a bar at the top of the iPhone display, so it will not disturb you from working on the phone. Here you can accept, reject, or slide up to let it ring without seeing the bar. Tap the call bar to go to full view. If you like the full screen view, you can activate it in Settings -> Phone -> Incoming calls, where you select the Full screen option. The interface for Siri also received a more compact display.

Even better news

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In the native Messages application, the option to pin a conversation to the top of the screen has been added. In the message view, move the panel with the selected conversation slightly to the right and tap the pin icon – the conversation will appear as a contact icon above the message summary. If you hold the selected message in a group conversation for a long time, you will be able to reply directly to it, which will make the whole conversation much clearer. If you indulge in improving your Memoji, you will certainly welcome the possibility of even better personalization in the form of new accessories.

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