Be careful. Insidious phishing attacks Netflix subscribers

Netflix video streaming subscribers should be on the lookout these days. They may receive a message in their mailbox that looks like Netflix at first glance, in which they are required to verify their account due to problems with payment for a monthly subscription. Of course, this is not the case. The report is another in a series of phishing attacks, the sole purpose of which is to lure you personal data, especially those related to payment cards.

Phishing Netflix Source: Edited by Flying the World with Apple

In terms of design, mail as such looks very trustworthy, as it is created in the same way that Netflix actually uses. However, all you have to do is look at the e-mail address from which the message arrived, and it must be immediately clear to everyone that this is just a scam. Another indication of possible problems is, for example, the gap between the word Notification and the exclamation mark, which of course is not grammatically correct. However, if this doesn't hit you in the eye, when you click or tap on "Verify now", the browser will warn you that you are entering a dangerous or even outright fraudulent page, which should be a raised finger enough not to continue. So if you run out of similar e-mail, delete it with peace of mind and continue to enjoy the service. You would be notified of any problems either by official e-mails directly from the support or in the Netflix interface.

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