Become the king of cat eaters in a new absurd game on iOS

One more absurd game after another is well aimed at iPhones in the latter. Yesterday we wrote about Total Eggscape, in which you escape from the poultry house by means of frenetic laying of eggs, today we will move to another animal class in the animal kingdom. In the game Greedy Cats released today, you take on the role of a cat, which aims to become a champion in eatery. The game from the publisher PikPok will probably not win any awards for the gameplay itself, but in our country it gets plus points for the original theme. Greedy Cats is at the core a simple clicker that proportionally converts the number of your clicks to the success of the main heroine. However, even this quite proven concept can be made special by developers with a number of their own ideas.

If it is not enough for you to look at a cute cat that is loading food by one hundred and six, a certain degree of strategic decision-making also comes into play. You will unlock different skins and outfits while playing, and it is their various combinations that determine how fast you progress in the game. Thanks to the right choice of outfit, you can gradually discover various new dishes. For each of them, the developers promise a unique surprise, directly associated with which food. The game will try to stay relevant as long as possible through offers of various daily tasks and game bonuses. You can download Greedy Cats from the App Store now.

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