Best iOS shortcuts of the week: Fast charging, network information and URL shortening

After a week, we bring you another part of our regular series about interesting shortcuts for iOS. This time we will introduce you, for example, a shortcut for charging the battery, finding out information about the network connection, or, for example, for quickly creating abbreviated URL addresses.

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Amaya Tomanová 10. 1. 2021 3

Charge Fast

The acronym Charge Fast will help you charge your iPhone's battery much faster with specific actions that you can activate or deactivate if necessary. In addition, your iPhone will alert you when the battery is fully charged.

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You can download the abbreviation Charge Fast here.

Network Tool

The acronym Network Tool will surely be appreciated by everyone who wants to have an overview of network connections. This informative shortcut can provide you with the name and IP of your Wi-Fi network, perform a speed test, or share your connection to your Wi-Fi network using a QR code.

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You can download the Network Tool shortcut here.

Google Translate

Need to translate something quickly and easily from time to time, and good old Siri isn't working right now? You can use a shortcut called Google Translate, which will immediately translate the text you selected using Google Translate without redirecting you to Google Translate.

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You can download the Google Translate shortcut here.

You all know the tool intimately – it is a useful "shortcut" to long URLs. The API of this tool uses a shortcut called, which allows you to quickly, easily, anywhere and anytime shorten any web address without having to copy and re-enter the address on the site.

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You can download the abbreviation here.

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