Best shortcuts of the week: Importance of emoji, useful automation and wallpaper settings

As every weekend, we now bring you tips on interesting shortcuts for your iPhone on the website of LsA magazine. This time we have selected for you, for example, a shortcut for setting the wallpaper, a battery charge report, or, for example, for converting lists from Notes to native Reminders. Shortcut links need to be opened in the Safari browser on the iPhone in which you want to install the shortcut. Also, make sure that you have enabled the use of untrusted shortcuts in Settings -> Shortcuts.

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Best shortcuts of the week: Charging the battery, converting podcasts and working with notes

Amaya Tomanová May 9, 2021 2

Find that emoji

The offer of various emoji is expanding more and more, and therefore it can sometimes be really difficult to estimate the true meanings of some emoticons. An abbreviation called Find that emoji will help you not only find out the meaning of your chosen emoji, but also find the emoji you are looking for and allow you to copy the contents to the clipboard. The shortcut requires Toolbox for Shortcuts installed.

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Find that emoji Find that emoji 1

Find that emoji Find that emoji 2

Find that emoji Find that emoji 3

Find that emoji Find that emoji 4
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You can download the shortcut Find that emoji here.


The shortcut, QuickPod, lets you take the action you want right after you connect your AirPods to your iPhone, such as starting music, searching for podcasts, launching your favorite streaming app, starting an exercise on Apple Watch, and more. QuickPod stands for all models of AirPods wireless headphones and also offers support for throughput mode, active noise cancellation mode and more.

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QuickPod QuickPod 3

QuickPod QuickPod 2

QuickPod QuickPod 1
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You can download the QuickPod shortcut here.


Toggler is a highly useful and handy shortcut that allows you to easily and quickly access a number of switches on your iPhone and create a number of useful automations. In a short time, you can combine, set up and create all sorts of automations related to your iPhone – it can be, for example, playing music, switching to Do Not Disturb mode, changing the dark or light mode and much more.

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Toggler Toggler 1

Toggler Toggler 2

Toggler Toggler 3

Toggler Toggler 4 +2 Photos

Toggler Toggler 5
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You can download the abbreviation Toggler here.


You found a really great photo on the internet, would you like to set it as your iPhone wallpaper, but the image isn't the right size? An abbreviation called Wallz will help you. With this shortcut, you can choose virtually any image, and Wallz automatically adjusts and adjusts it for you so that you can use it as wallpaper for your iPhone – whether on your desktop or on the lock screen.

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Wallz Wallz 1

Wallz Wallz 2

Wallz Wallz 3

Wallz Wallz 4
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You can download the abbreviation Wallz here.

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