Best tweaks on jailbreak: HapticTyping or haptic keyboard typing

Personally, I prefer writing on the iPhone when I don't have silent mode active. I'm not sure if all of you have it, but I personally prefer the tapping of the keyboard, which is the sound that the iPhone makes when you press any key. In short, in classic mode, with no sound off, typing is much more user-friendly thanks to the “feedback” that the tap-to-click feature provides. However, since I have my iPhone virtually always with me, so I do not have active sounds, but only vibrations. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if iPhone vibrated every time you pressed a key on your keyboard?

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Pavel Jelič March 27, 2020 1

So if you ever wondered what it would be like if the iOS keyboard vibrates when you click, then you can install tweak HapticTyping for jailbreak. This tweak does nothing more than provide a device vibrate when you press a key on the keyboard. Unfortunately, this tweak does not have any settings, so you cannot choose to vibrate the device in silent mode, for example. It should be noted, however, that tweak HapticTyping is in its initial version, so we will probably have similar options soon. As soon as I activated HapticTyping, I found out that this was the right nut. The haptic response when you press the keyboard is soft and pleasing, and I feel much better with it than when the keyboard is silent.


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Tweak HapticTyping is available for all jailbreak devices from iOS 11 through iOS 13. If you want to try this tweak and start using it actively, you can download it from the https: //repo.dylanduff repository. .com /. HapticTyping is available free of charge and is not expected to be paid in future releases. After testing the tweak for several days, I did not see that it did not work or caused system crashes. So if you feel better with the keyboard response, at least try HapticTyping.

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