Bitwarden: Desktop app gets support for Windows Hello and Touch ID

The password manager Bitwarden should be familiar to one or the other regular reader. We have already recommended the open source solution, which can be operated with its own server, numerous times. With Windows Hello and Touch ID, new authentication options are now integrated into the desktop applications of Windows and macOS.

Instead of typing in the master password, biometric authentication using a fingerprint from Windows Hello or Touch ID is now sufficient. With Windows Hello, some Windows users – for example those with a Surface – can also unlock using face recognition. Appropriate hardware is of course a prerequisite for both Windows and Mac users.

Unlocking the password manager should be easier to do, as you already know from the mobile Android and iOS apps. The new authentication option is available from desktop version 1.20 (Windows & macOS). The new version should also be available in the Windows Store and the App Store shortly. Bitwarden provides further information on the corresponding help page.


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