Black Friday on Mobil Emergency is gaining momentum, discounts have fallen on Apple products

Commercial announcement: Autumn is gaining momentum and the same applies to the traditional Black Friday discount events, which are prepared annually by domestic traders for this period. One of them is our partner Mobil Emergency, who, as part of his Black Friday, has pushed the prices of a large number of Apple products to really interesting levels. So what can we get cheaper now?


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If you are hungry for the new iPhone, you will be pleased that both older and newer models have been included in the discount offer. You can choose from both the iPhone 6s and last year's XS iPhone and the Max version. The prices of all these phones fell by thousands of crowns compared to the original price. Cover lovers will be pleased by the fact that the original cases for the iPhones X and XS Max were significantly reduced. They can now be bought in more than half the price in different colors. The only problem is that stocks are not bottomless and it is possible that if you do not buy them immediately, you will be unlucky later.

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In addition to iPhones, Apple Watch Series 4 is available at all available colors, sizes and editions (classic or Nike +) at reasonable prices. Whatever model you choose, its price will not exceed $ 10,000, which is certainly great news for such a high-quality product – all the more so when it's almost no different from this year's Series 5.

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Prices have also fallen on Apple TV HD and 4K – products that are beginning to enjoy more and more popularity among apple marketers. If you like a similar toy and you, in the HD version (Apple TV 4th generation), prepare only 3790 crowns, in the case of 4K versions 4690 crowns for the 32 GB variant and 5190 crowns in the 64 GB variant. The prices are really favorable and attractive. The same can be said of Magic Keyboard 2 and Magic Mouse 2 in both the white and cosmos gray edition, as their prices have fallen by hundreds of crowns. For example, white Magic Mouse costs you less than 1800 crowns, which is really an interesting price. We must not forget the owners of iPad Pro, for which MP has prepared a discount on Apple Pencil 2nd generation. It now costs only 3190 crowns instead of the classic 3490 crowns.

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