BlitzWolf BW-P10 power bank review: $20 super budget

BlitzWolf is a nice brand from China, famous for its high cost-effective electronics accessories. Recently, BlitzWolf just released its newest power bank BW-P10. Thanks to Banggood, we got BlitzWolf BW-P10 power bank free of charge to review. So is it really worth $20? Let’s check out my review.

1. Packaging

The packaging of BW-P10 is quite simple. The green color style is nice and fresh, bringing you a good mood when you have it in your hand.

The backside of the packaging shows the specifications and the certificates of this power bank. From the specifications we could know, BW-P10 supports 2 charging modes: wired charging and wireless charging.

Package contents

There are only 3 contents in the packaging: A power bank, a micro-USB cable and a manual. All the 3 contents are niced protected in the hard transparent plastic case. And the power bank has a soft plastic cover(I removed). So you do not need to worry about the damage in the long delivery.


Front panel

90% of the front panel is a matte feeling wireless charging pat, so the phone can be put nicely to have wireless charging. There are 4 indicators at the bottom of the front panel. They can show the % of the remaining battery and on/off of wireless charging.

Back panel

The specifications are printed on the back panel just as the backside packaging.

Bottom panel

There are 3 ports in the bottom panel.

  • OUT1: USB port and supports 5V 3A output
  • OUT2: USB port and upports 5V 3A, 9V 2A, and 12V 1.5A outputs
  • OUT3/IN2: USB Type-C port, supports 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A outputs; 5V 2A, 9V 2A inputs

It is really good to see a USB Type-C port in a $20 power bank. So you can directly charge it with your Type-C cable and no need to use the micro USB cable coming with the power bank.

Right panel

The power button is on the right panel. To charge the phone with cable, you need to click that button to turn on the power bank. If you want to activate the wireless charging function, you need to double click it.

Left panel

The micro USB charging port is on the left panel. It also supports 5V 2A and 9V 2A inputs.

Charging experience

As the specifications show, BW-P10 supports 18W QC 3.0 charging. To test if a $20 power bank can reach 18W charging, I use my Huawei Mate 20 with its 22.5W original fast charging adapter to make a comparison. Software for testing is Accubattery. The condition is 3 mins charging when the screen is off.

Charging with BW-P10

Charging with Huawei original 22.5W fast charging adapter


With the original fast charging adapter, 4% took 3 mins. While with BW-P10, 3% took 3 mins. Both speeds are fast. And if you calculate, the charging speed of BW-P10 is 3/4 of the original fast charging adapter which is 22.5W*0.75=16.9W, very similar to the stated 18W.


With only $20 budget, I can not find a better power bank than BlitzWolf BW-P10. It has almost all the features that I need: Fast charging, wireless charging and Type-C port. If you want me to figure out its cons, I would say it is a little thick. If it can be less thick then it will be a perfect one that I’d pay more for it. What do you think?

Where to buy

BlitzWolf® BW-P10 10000mAh QC3.0 PD18W Power Bank
$16.99 $21.99
BlitzWolf BW-P10 power bank review: $20 super budget
8.5 Total Score
Super budget power bank

With only $20 budget, I can not find a better power bank than BlizsWolf BW-P10. It has almost all the features that I need: Fast charging, wireless charging and Type-C port.

  • Support 18W fast charging
  • Support Wireless charging
  • Type-C port
  • A little thick
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