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Today, On 25 Sept25 Sept 2020, a smartwatch from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi certified called “Mi Watch Lite”. For the readers, the news is that the new watch is not on the upper hand as compared to the Xiaomi Watch (1299 Yuan). But the watch will come with the latest tech and features. So, overall the new Xiaomi Mi Lite will be available at the lower price in the market.

Features of Redmi Mi Watch Lite:

The new Redmi Mi watch Lite is certified finally, and we can see the watch very soon in the market. The new watch is the first watch by sub-brand. The previous report tells us that the watch has already received network access. The image shows that the watch was certified on 15 Sept15 Sept.

Redmi Mi Watch Lite

In terms of power, we can see from the image that the Mi Watch Lite will be powered by the 0.4A ability to charge. And the model name as suggested is REDMIWT02. This is now sure that the name of the watch will Redmi Mi Watch Lite.

The significant features of the smartwatch are like Bluetooth, eSIM. So, you can connect your smartphone with the watch and use the smartwatch during your sports. This means the watch will also help you in the sports mode.

Redmi Mi Watch Lite

We are still waiting for the IP certification. So, we cannot comment on the waterproof rating of the Mi watch lite.

As this is the first smartwatch by Redmi, we can expect that the smartwatch will be powered with the MIUI for the operating system. The watch will be based on Android for support and downloading and installation of the applications.

Xiaomi Today is informed that there might be a new series of smartphone from Redmi. The series will be launched in October as Redmi Note 10. We can think that the new Mi watch Lite will also come along with this new series of smartphones.

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