China: mandatory face scanning for mobile phone !!!

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The Chinese government has announced that its citizens applying for a new mobile device or internet connection will have to be scanned by telecommunications providers. The new laws came into force in China on December 1 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the state body responsible for regulating the Internet and technology. China mandatory face scanning for mobile phone - China: mandatory face scanning for mobile phone !!!

The decision is part of the State's efforts to "safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in cyberspace", according to a statement by the ministry. It will also "tackle cyber fraud and crime prevention issues. Recent reports show that China has about 854 million Internet users. The new legislation prohibits citizens of the country from transferring their mobile numbers to other people.

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China is the first country to require face recognition to sign up for mobile and online services. The new legislation is part of China's effort to closely monitor its citizens and monitor their activities and behavior. Last month, Chinese state media announced the development of a new "super camera". An artificial intelligence-based 500-megapixel camera capable of detecting individual faces even in a crowd of tens of thousands of people with "perfect precision". According to state media, the device is five times more powerful than the human eye. And it has, of course, "military, national defense and public security applications."

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Last year, China had also announced that it had developed a new surveillance camera. Recognition is based on the style and silhouette of the faces. This technology has already been developed in several Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai. We imagine that the new systems also have to do with the riots in Hong Kong.



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