Chrome: Spyware extension reached 32 million downloads

Another espionage attack on Internet users has been uncovered. The spyware was found in a Chrome extension that, according to Awake Security researchers, had reached 32 million downloads. Based on the number of downloads, it was the most far-reaching "campaign" for malicious extensions in the Chrome Store, said Awake co-founder Gary Golomb.

Google declined to discuss how the latest spyware worked compared to previous attacks, how great the damage was, or why the previous extensions were not discovered and removed, despite previous promises to monitor offers more closely.

It is unclear who was behind the efforts to spread the malware. If someone surfed the Internet on a computer with the browser, they would connect to a number of websites and transmit information, the researchers said.

"When we are notified of store extensions that violate our policies, we take action and use these incidents as training material to improve our automated and manual analysis," Google spokesman Scott Westover told Reuters.

It's a shame that you don't go into great detail. Neither Reuters nor Awake Security can find what exactly happened. Ultimately, one can say that one should try to deal with as few extensions as possible – and that is not always certain. It has happened in the past that serious developers sold their extensions to weird companies …

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