Comeback of the more unpleasant kind: Trojan Emotet returns

Comeback of the more unpleasant kind Trojan Emotet returns - Comeback of the more unpleasant kind: Trojan Emotet returns

Flashback: In 2018, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warned of the Emotet malware. The Trojan was then distributed on a large scale via spam emails. Fortunately, the malware later became quiet. This is now over after months of absence. A botnet has been helping Emotet to make a comeback since last Friday.

Spam e-mails will be sent again that either contain an infected attachment or are to be forwarded to a corresponding URL. The trick is popular in disguising the infected email so that it appears as part of an existing correspondence with a trustworthy source. Emotet serves criminals as a gateway, so to speak, to further pests such as. B. to re-channel TrickBot.

The real danger therefore only develops in the long run, because Emotet then makes it possible, for example, to “deliver” ransomware. For you, the advice is to keep an eye on your emails and, in case of doubt, not to open an attachment or a link.

Malicious documents


Infected websites

elseelektrikci (.) com
rviradeals (.) com
skenglish (.) com
packersmoversmohali (.) com
tri-comma (.) com
ramukakaonline (.) com
shubhinfoways (.) com
test2.cxyw (.) net
sustainableandorganicgarments (.) com
staging.icuskin (.) com
fivestarcleanerstx (.) com
bhandaraexpress (.) com
crm.shaayanpharma (.) com
zazabajouk (.) com
e2e-solution (.) com
topgameus (.) com
cpads (.) net
tyres2c (.) com
thesuperservice (.) com
ssuse (.) com

Emotet binaries



178.210.171 (.) 15
109.117.53 (.) 230
212.51.142 (.) 238
190.160.53 (.) 126


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