Commercial Communication: Investing CZK 100,000 in shares, how much did I earn after 5 years?

Commercial Communication: On the Internet you will find hundreds of ways how to value your money thanks to dubious projects that will end sooner or later and you will lose your entire investment. I have many years of experience with this type of profitable “programs”.

In 2015, I started investing on the stock exchange and with a capital of CZK 100,000. I chose Fio e-broker as a broker. Today I can recommend eToro broker, where you can now trade shares completely free of charge. I chose the following titles:

Johnson & Johnson
Coca Cola
Procter & amp; Gamble

All of these titles have been paying a regular dividend (a share of the company's profits from holding a security) for many years and increasing it regularly.

Dividend portfolio ACTIONS

I have put roughly CZK 20,000 into each company. At the end of 2015, I made my first purchase of Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo. A few months later I bought the remaining securities. I want to reinvest all received dividends after reaching $ 1,000.

Portfolio October 2019

What did my portfolio look like in 2019? The appreciation of more than 68% in 4 years is a great result and dividend income up to October was a nice $ 462.3. If I decided to get rid of all positions, I would come to 162 341 CZK.


Portfolio Status March 2020 – Coronavirus

Uncertainty, oil war and unknown virus. These events, of course, reflected in prices. There was a big drop of up to 25% in a few days. How am I? The total value of my shares is CZK 155,510.


Before these unpleasant events occurred, the value of my investment was almost CZK 180,000, which should be mentioned.

What will be next?

Nothing changes for me, I do not consider a significant decline in the markets as something extra negative, and on the contrary, I can buy more shares at much more affordable prices. Long-term holding of shares and increasing income from dividends is a great passive income. Once the markets recover, my profit will be even higher.


If you are interested in investing in stocks, I recommend you to buy some good books on investing.

You can follow my portfolio updates on Moneyo.

* Investing in financial markets involves many risks, always invest as much as you are willing to lose. This article is for educational purposes only and in no way serves as a recommendation to buy or sell shares, indices, ETFs, options, cfds, futures or other investment products. 62% of retail investors at eToro broker lost CFDs.

The Journey through the World Magazine is not responsible for the text above. This is a commercial article whose supplier (in full, with links) is the advertiser.

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