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Simply compare all deals for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with subscription below and find the offer that best suits you.

samsung galaxy s20 plus

samsung galaxy s20 plus

samsung galaxy s20

samsung galaxy s20 waterproof

Compare the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with subscription

If you think Samsung's Galaxy S20 is a beautiful phone, but would like a larger screen, then the Galaxy S20 Plus is the best choice for you. With its fantastic 6.7 inch AMOLED screen, large 4500 mAh battery and an impressive camera, it is a top device on all fronts. But: it is just a bit more affordable than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

If you prefer to pay the Galaxy S20 Plus (partially) through your telephone subscription, but do not want the legally required BKR registration, then choose the option No BKR registration above. You will then only see offers with a total credit amount – the amount that you pay for your telephone during the term – lower than € 250. You will then have to pay a part of the Galaxy S20 Plus directly at the time of subscription. How much do you see above also directly under the heading One-off.

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