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 For a Samsung Galaxy S20 with subscription, there are now many different offers. Below you can easily compare and find the deals that suit you best.

samsung galaxy s20 subscription

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Compare Samsung Galaxy S20 with subscription

With its 6.2 inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most compact of the new S20 series. Nevertheless, the device has a large screen and a large battery. Of course, the processor and memory are of the newest generation, but it is mainly the cameras that are very successful. The Galaxy S20 has two 12 megapixel cameras – main camera and a wide-angle lens – and furthermore a zoom lens with a resolution of no less than 64 megapixel. This also uses the device for other things, such as filming at an ultra-high 8K resolution. The water-resistant casing is made of glass and metal, and Samsung has kept the curved edges of the screen to a minimum this year. This makes the Galaxy S20 narrow, but the chance of accidental touching is not great. The Galaxy S20 is the entry-level model of Samsung's latest series phones for 2020. The version with 4G antenna is also the cheapest Galaxy S20. In combination with an additional payment of a few hundred euros you can buy it in combination with a subscription without this being accompanied by a BKR registration. As you may know, paying off your phone via your subscription has been a credit since 2017. If the total credit amount – the amount that you pay for the device during the term of the subscription – is larger than € 250, this is registered as a credit at the BKR. Do you want to search directly for offers without BKR registration? In the comparator above, choose the option No BKR registration. This way you can still pay off part of your new Galaxy S20 via your subscription, but without BKR.

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