Competition for 5 Universalus charging cables with Lightning, USB-C and micro USB

In the facebook competition, which we hold on LsA from now (2 December 21:30) until Friday evening (specifically 21:00), we will give five of you a Universalus charging cable with Lightning, USB-C and micro USB connectors in black color. This time, the internet shop donated the prize to the competition. As always, the rules of our competition are very simple, so you don't have to worry about not meeting them.


eng_pl_Baseus-3w1-USB-cable-micro-USB-Lightning-USB-Type-C-in-nylon-braided-3-5A-1m-black-CAMLT-FX01-52155_1 eng_pl_Baseus-3w1-USB-Cable-Micro-USB-Lightning-USB-Type-C-in-Nylon-Braided-3-5A-1m-Black-CAMLT-FX01-52155_1

eng_pl_Baseus-3w1-USB-cable-micro-USB-Lightning-USB-Type-C-in-nylon-braided-3-5A-1m-black-CAMLT-FX01-52155_7 eng_pl_Baseus-3w1-USB-Cable-Micro-USB-Lightning-USB-Type-C-in-Nylon-Braided-3-5A-1m-Black-CAMLT-FX01-52155_7

eng_pl_Baseus-3w1-USB-cable-micro-USB-Lightning-USB-Type-C-in-nylon-braided-3-5A-1m-black-CAMLT-FX01-52155_8 eng_pl_Baseus-3w1-USB-Cable-Micro-USB-Lightning-USB-Type-C-in-Nylon-Braided-3-5A-1m-Black-CAMLT-FX01-52155_8
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How to join the competition:

Share this post on your facebook profile (public)

Like this facebook post, the Facebook page of the Flying World Appl and the facebook page
Post this post in the comments on Facebook to answer the competition question: Does the Slovak eshop send ordered products to the Czech Republic? (you can find the answer on eshop

On Friday, December 6 at 9pm, we will draw five of you who have fulfilled the above conditions (will be under review) and contact them in a Facebook message to arrange for a win.

PS: Don't forget to activate your Facebook message (if you don't have it) so we can contact you in case of a win. Also check "Message requests."

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